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1h 47min  2014 

Wayman (Chapman To) is struggling with life, as it is getting dominated by women not only in career but also in bed. At a gathering with his fellow jobless and frustrated adult section columnists, a brilliant idea strikes Wayman: People like them have grown up watching Japanese AVs, why don’t they just make one? Wayman’s crazy thought is welcomed with a positive uproar and investments from all his enthusiastic nerdy friends. During their hearty chatter, an on-site visiting trip is planned and they set sail for the Great Empire of AV — Japan.

They get in touch with their correspondent Ms. Hatoyama Cuzuki (Josie Ho), a veteran of the sex industry, who approaches the AV production company for them. With the assistance of Cuzuki, Wayman becomes a popular AV porn actor and starts his inconceivable experience in Japan.

Genres         Comedy

Director       Kung-Lok Lee

Starring       Chapman To, Josie Ho, Louis Koo

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