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Founded in 2007, 852 Films is a globally recognized boutique film company. It set out to develop original stories that can represent the east and west. 852 Films works with top tier talent from Asia to Hollywood and produces compelling content for modern film audiences. 852 Films “ Dream Home " released in 2010 garnered many nominations at the Hong Kong, Taiwan Golden Horse and Sitges Film Festival. Their production “ Revenge A Love Story ” also in 2010 received awards at the Puchon, Taiwan Golden Horse and Moscow Film Festival.  2015 saw 852 Films win the best film at Neu-chatel International Fantastic Film Awards for their production “ Full Strike “ then later being selected for Osaka Asian Film Festival. 852 Films seed funded John Cameron Mitchell’s “ How To Talk To Girls At Parties ” in 2017 starring Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman debuting at Cannes Film Festival in 2017. In 2019 852 Films produced “ Rajah “ starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Josie Ho and “ Habit “ starring Bella Thorne and Josie Ho.



Josie Ho is an enigma! Award-winning actress, producer, rockstar and a culture icon . Ho left a lasting impression in her slasher film “ Dream Home ” (2010), directed by Pang Ho-cheung, which lead her to achieve multiple awards including the Best Actress Award at the 43rd Sitges Film Festival. She has also received a best supporting actress for  “ Naked Ambition “ in 2003 at the Hong Kong Film Awards and “ In the room “ in 2017 at the Malaysian Film Awards. In 2018 Ho received the Time Machine Award at the Sitges Film Festival for her contribution to fantastic films. In 2019 she received “ The most outstanding world artist " at the Malaysian grand master awards. Josie is a prolific producer picking up  “ How To Talk To Girls At Parties ” in 2017 starring Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman debuting at Cannes Film Festival. In 2019 she produced “ Rajah “ starring Jonothan Reece Myers and Josie Ho and  “ Habit “ starring Bella Thorne and Josie Ho.

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Conroy Chan is a Culture Icon. Producer, Actor, Rapper and a Supermodel. Chan’s first time in the producer chair  was in 2003 “ The Heavenly Kings “ a film about a fake boyband that actually made it. Chan co-produce this along side Daniel Wu, Terrance Yin and Andrew Lin. In 2010 Chan produced the multiple award winning “ Dream Home “ and “ Revenge: A Love Ballad “. In 2012 he produced “ The Courier “ starring Jeffery Dean Morgan and Mickey Rourke, directed by oscar winner Hany Abu-Saad. In 2013 Chan produced “ Open Grave “ along side Charles Roven starring Shalto Copley and Josie Ho. 2015 saw Chan produce the award winning  “ Full Strike “ starring Josie Ho. In 2019 Chan produced “ Rajah “ starring Jonothan Reece Myers and Josie Ho and  “ Habit “ starring Bella Thorne and Josie Ho.


Meet The Team

"Our Producers with a demonstrated history of working in filming industry with global productions for more than 20 years. 
Focus on working with foreign productions filming in different countries and unite different filming culture to maximize the best outcome on screen. 
Great networking in Europe, Asia, America and Mexico. Specialize in movie production management of different stages in filming, post- production, sales and screening. "

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Associate Producer

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