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1h 27min  2019 

Resignation, Frustration, and Helplessness are what we all face as humans living on this planet. In a place like Hong Kong, these conditions are intensified and magnified by the densely populated living conditions!  The pressures of just trying to survive in the big city are already enough to drive people into extreme physical, emotional, and mental conditions. These extreme conditions can cause humans to “lock-up “ in every way!

In this documentary Finding Bliss: Fire and Ice we get a group of well-known but “ reserved " musicians and music students from the bustling streets of Hong Kong and send them halfway around the world to the natural landscapes of Iceland: Fire and Ice. Through connecting and sharing with the people of Iceland and ultimately themselves we hope through this little adventure of music, games, and culture can provide a different P.O.V to add to their experience in life.

The goal is to ease the pressure off their physical being through opening their eyes, minds, and souls so they can hopefully get to “ un-lock “ themselves a little more, feel a little lighter, feel a little happier, and feel a little bit more of what they call “ bliss. “

Genres         Documentary

Director       Kim Chan, Dee Lam



A personal note from the producer Josie Ho.

“ Finding Bliss: Fire and Ice “ began a couple of years ago while I was filming with Mr. Anthony Wong. We had just finished filming a film and as my mentor he noticed that I was kinda sluggish and dull and that I was detached and withdrawn from the drama. He suggested I should attend a clown class! 
This was my first introduction to french Master Clown Phillipe Gaullier!! In his classes I learnt so many wonderful new things, a lot of them were about discovering yourself and communicating with others. It was a soul changing experience!!
The experience led me to boldly look for one of Phillipe Gaullier’s entrusted students in Hong Kong Mr. Jim Chim.  I really appreciate Jim’s positive energy, passion and sharing, it helped unlock my stuffy head and made me feel more confident to be around people. This inspired me to “ pay it forward “ and the inspiration to help others.
I am so honoured and delighted to have Mr. Jim Chim as our creative director for this documentary.
Just appreciative to get to share the experience with a group of great musicians and music students from Hong Kong to open their heart, mind, body and soul!

Our main goal of this documentary is to relay the message to use the simplest mindset to believe in others with sincerity and fearlessness. Our challenge for this project was that musicians and students going were quite conservative and super reserved!! We needed to create a unique space where they had the opportunity to feel and achieve this. Working with the happiness markers we found Iceland was one of the happiest countries in the world and ultimately the perfect place for our documentary Finding Bliss: Fire and Ice! 

This documentary invites people to rediscover their inner child and explore their inner space and experience the different sensations and stimuli, that would allow for people to learn and grow from their failures and stupidities. Through this we hope we can evolve to a more free, loving, abundant and kinder world. We hope you enjoy the documentary, so please Enjoy, Relax and Unlock Yourself!

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