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1h 27min  2019 

“Finding Bliss: Fire and Ice”, the music documentary produced by and starring Josie Ho alongside her band Josie & the Uni Boys, MC Yan, Jan@Qiu Hong, and thespian Jim Chim, charted the course of the dozen-strong team’s travel to Iceland. The film has been selected as the Closing Film of this year’s Movie Movie Festival: Life is Art 2019, a celebration of award-winning art films.

Genres         Documentary

Director       Kim Chan, Dee Lam

The documentary revolves around Jim Chim leading the group to participate in a series of performance arts classes, which are based on human’s most natural and basic instinct to interact and enjoy happiness. It costs nothing; everyone can afford to do it. During the classes, participants share laughs amid a joyful atmosphere. The finale of the trip was emblematic of the exchange between the east and the west, as Josie led musicians both from Hong Kong and Iceland to jam on one of the most culturally significant classic songs in Chinese-speaking society – the theme song of the movie “Once Upon a Time in China”. Everyone was immersed in jubilance and positivity, forgetting momentarily about the low temperature and icy weather of Iceland.

The collaboration was widely reported in the local Icelandic media, which called Josie “Bjork of the east”. In fact, Josie and the group recorded their effort at the legendary recording studio Green House studios, where Bjork herself recorded her albums.

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What stayed in Josie’s mind about the trip was the ever-changing arctic weather in Iceland, where at one moment the sun shone bright and the next moment brought snowstorms. During the shoot, a storm ravaged the home of a local resident, who took it in stride and with a smile. It was a reaction that surprised Josie. She gained a deep respect for the Icelandic people’s optimism and lack of attachment to material things.