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Widow Warriors

852 films x Pat Lee

Over a thousand years ago, the great kingdom of China was under constant threat of invasion by powerful tribes and warring states along its rugged western border. For generations, one fiercely-patriotic clan of warriors ― the “Yang” ― battled bravely in the nation’s defense. The widows of the clan pleaded with the Emperor, whose own court had become weakened by corruption and greed, to send reinforcements. But none came ......


Book 1:  Soon, the last remaining Yang soldiers were overwhelmed by a sea of bloodthirsty invaders. Distraught and incensed, the Yang widows ― a few hundred strong and many of whom also seasoned warriors ― took arms and set off to the western border. But even before reaching the enemy, the journey itself would be fraught with peril. In their determination to avenge the deaths of their loved ones, the Widow Warriors would face the full fury of nature’s most destructive forces, a vast enemy army with sorcery and monsters on its side, and perhaps most powerful of all, the demons within themselves!


Book 2: Magic, Monsters & Misery - On the mission to avenge the deaths of their husbands and brothers, the Widow Warriors find themselves in a hostile and foreboding realm. They must rise to the deadly challenges posed by sorcery, demons and monsters, or perish before they even encounter the first enemy soldier!


Book 3: A Deadly Vortex - The Widow Warriors find themselves trapped by killer tornadoes created through the evil magic of their enemy. A spy in their midst brings conflict and ultimately death in the ranks. After overcoming these powerful adversaries with their own martial arts skills, the Widow Warriors finally come face to face with an overwhelming Liao army.


Book 4: An increasingly irritating thorn in his side, the Liao King dispatches a powerful army led by Demon Warriors to intercept the Widow Warriors. After a punishing battle, our heroes are down to less than fifty. With fierce determination they plan an assault on the heart of the Liao army, secured in a fortress at dreaded Black Wind Mountain.

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